Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ruby - simple yet powerful language

Like I started using blogs late; much late compare to these days young generation - I started exploring Ruby late too. In the last couple of years I was busy with SOA and its stacks from different vendors including open-source players. I was also busy to work on very complex NGOSS subjects - eTOM/SID/TNA.

Now I just started working on Ruby and downloaded Ruby on the rails. I already started liking ruby and it seems I will like Rails as well.

Good morning Kolkata!! - My first public blog..

I started writing blogs late; almost when 'blog' is a buzzword. Most of the posts here will be professional in nature with some personal touch. Today, 24th November 2007, I am in Kolkata, when I started writing this blog I was in office guest house with my wife and son and now waiting in Apollo hospital to show my father-in-law an ophthalmologist.

Kolkata has lost its warm nature in many areas but it still stands for good causes like Rizwanur and Nandigram.