Saturday, February 16, 2008

Atom and XMPP based team collaboration and communication platform

2 weeks back I started working on a web development project as my weekend project to experiment on Atom & XMPP. Later I was confident to forward-factor the experimentation to a real-valued project that I was thinking for a long time - a seamless team collaboration and communication platform. All the communication and collaboration can be done from just a single page.

The business driver behind the idea:

  • Single page team collaboration suite

    • Project status, stories and discussions are on the live dashboard – real-time, editable, provokes participation

    • Developer friendly way of on-time reporting (consolidation is automatic) – just by setting the status message of your messenger/communicator

    • Chat on the page

    • Real time discussion on the dashboard – makes other people aware about others activities and provokes for participation. Imagine 2 guys discussing about Hibernate and is on the show on dashboard – can you take a seat back and just ignore it?

    • Assign, track and manage tasks – all online

    • Manage contacts – nothing new but can’t live without it

    • Call contacts

  • Reduces the need for email exchange – emails are difficult to track

  • Open cultured team collaboration with improved communication

  • You are always aware what is happening in your team - no matter who are you (although access rights can be implemented)

The salient features of this product are:
 Feed (Atom with optional RSS support) based project tracking, project story, project discussion, announcements etc.
 Presence (XMPP) based reporting – open reporting model
 Instant messaging
 Task definition, allocation and tracking
 Contacts management
 VoIP calls (SIP based)

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