Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spring Integration: the new kid on the block (of ESB?!!)

I just started exploring Spring Intrgration just day after it was released - the version 1.0.0.M5. Here I will share my first impression with Spring Integration followed by subsequent trials and experimentations. Enforcement for speration of concerns without being intrusive is something at the core of Spring philosophy and it is further extended in Spring Integration. Not to be vary theoritical but to communicate some important points about Spring Integration - I am directly copying some excerpts from officila Spring Integration reference; those are goals and principles of Spring Integration.

• Provide a simple model for implementing complex enterprise integration solutions.
• Facilitate asynchronous, message-driven behavior within a Spring-based application.
• Promote intuitive, incremental adoption for existing Spring users.

• Components should be loosely coupled for modularity and testability.
• The framework should enforce separation of concerns between business logic and integration logic.
• Extension points should be abstract in nature but within well-defined boundaries to promote reuse and portability.

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