Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kicking ESB functions out from the box (read container)

Routing and mediation are the important features of ESB and it happens within the container. The ways to communicate and collaborate with outside world (read outside the container) is to have WS interface publishes by a system outside or through different adapters. What can be done for a data collection requirement using ESB? Let me toss a problem; a collection agent - managed by third party proprietary system - collects data, zips it, and stores in a network connected computer in a designated directory. Requirement is to collect the zip files from the designated directory, send to to a processor machine to process the files inside the zip files send the process reports to another central repository and update the database about their URI/URL locations and relationships with collected zips. How can we solve this? how can we fit (?) ESB here? 

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