Thursday, March 19, 2009

SUN - up for sale

This is inevitable that SUN is looking for selling itself as consecutively 4 quarters they reported loss. I wish I could buy SUN ;) It has huge assets used and unused and lots of stuffs that another company may take decades and billions to recreate. IBM is preying on SUN. I am calling it preying as IBM has that bad boy attitude to acquire and kill the way they did with Rational likes. As a SUN admirer I do not wish to see IBM buying SUN. My solely personal opinion is - CISCO should buy it. I am a CISCO employee incidentally but this is my solely personal opinion. What benefits CISCO may get out this buy out and what we SUN admirers may get.
1) CISCO is foraying into server market - if CISCO buys SUN, CISCO can use SUN's mature server ranges along with legendary Solaris. Data center will be sexier than ever with all CISCO+SUN products.
2) Virtualization - CISCO needs it and working on it but in my opinion CISCO will take decade to reach what SUN has already reached if at all it reaches there.
3) Software development legacy - SUN has sound software development legacy and CISCO can not afford to sale only hardware so this can be inherited from SUN.
4) Intellectual Properties - do I need to say anything here!!
5) Love - through Solaris and then mighty Java, SUN acquired huge number of lovers worldwide. CISCO may get that love by buying SUN.
6) Benefit we (SUN admirers) get - IBM would kill SUN's philosophy if it buys it. CISCO I believe will not, rather will allow SUN to grow on its own and leverage the SUN's deeds and we will still get the SUN flavors undistorted.
7) CISCO has strong sales force with very good connections to governments and big industries worldwide. This would play a pivotal role to lift SUN sales up fueling its growth and continuing the R&D thats at the heart of SUN philosophy.

If it has to be sold out SUN should consider selling it to CISCO. If at all they can not afford selling it to Chiradip ;)

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sandeep said...

May ur dream come true of buying SUN....;)
But I do believe that SUN will revive itself as it has great potential in it....