Friday, August 21, 2009

Openfire 3.6.4 on mac - admin console login issue SOLUTION

I installed Openfire 3.6.4 on my mac and ran into admin console login problem without any 'google' solution. Do not know whether this is a mac only problem. Simply I was not able to log in using the password I provided during set up. Re-setup as suggested by others did not help. The solution ultimately I traded is to switch embedded database to mysql (other non embedded will work too). In order to switch from embedded to mysql I reinstalled open fire but it can be done by re-setup too and is discussed later in this post. Uninstalling is tricky and can be done in this way.

Uninstalling openfire on Mac.
Remove the files/folders listed below


Your openfire is kicked (uninstall) out of your Mac.
Resetup can be done in this way.
open /usr/local/openfire/conf/openfire.xml

Change the line (hopefully last but one line) true to false
==========END EITHER/OR=======
Then open the admin console at http://localhost:9090/index.jsp or you can do it in Mac way by opening openfire in System Preference and click on "Open Admin Console".

Follow the instructions in the admin console. Select mysql (or oracle or something else other than embedded one) as the database. Provide all the required info make sure you create the database that you specify and credentials are correct. Complete the setup. I was not able to log in using the password I have provided for admin during setup. No worry. Go to terminal and run
mysql -u -p and use the database for that used by openfire. Execute this sql command update ofuser set plainpassword = 'admin123' where username = 'admin'; use password of your choice. Done. Restart openfire from "Openfire" System Preference (you will find an entry 'Openfire' in System Preference) by clicking 'Stop Openfire' button and then 'Start Openfire'. Login to admin console using the changed (in database) password with user name 'admin. Fin.

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